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Cryptocurrency TRON
TRON is a blockchain ecosystem for creating decentralized applications, developed in 2017. The creator of the platform is Justin Sun, a Chinese entrepreneur who previously launched the popular voice streaming app Peiwo and also worked as a Ripple representative in China.


Features of TRON
TRON was created as a WEB 3.0 platform, where users can create decentralized applications, share entertainment content without intermediaries and receive rewards in TRX cryptocurrency for this.
The TRON blockchain is used for the following purposes:
To create and use complex protocols using smart contracts that run on their own blockchain;
To host and launch decentralized applications and issue new tokens according to the TRC20 standard;
To create TRC-721 NFT tokens that are compatible with Ethereum-based NFTs.
Initially, the platform was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, but a year later, its own blockchain was developed for it, which surpasses the Ethereum network in many ways. For example, the speed of this network is more than 10 times higher, and an improved DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm is used to mine coins. However, these networks share a common architecture and their smart contracts are fully compatible.
As for the speed of the TRON network, up to 2,500 transactions per second can be performed on the platform, which is the same as the most popular payment systems such as Paypal are currently processing. Another major benefit is the minimum fees, which are only around 2 TRX.
Since 2017, the TRON platform has entered into many partnerships with world famous companies. For example, in 2019, the company partnered with Samsung, giving the company’s smartphone owners access to TRON DApps. In addition, TRON cooperates with Tether — USDT stablecoins are circulating on the basis of the blockchain according to the TRC20 standard. This standard supports many wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to transfer USDT with minimal fees.


TRON Price Dynamics
The maximum emission of the TRON cryptocurrency is about 101 billion coins. To prevent inflation, developers burn some coins from time to time, which reduces the supply and pushes the value up.
The coin very quickly attracted the attention of users. Initially, the price of one coin was 0.002 USD. Just a couple of months after listing on the major exchanges, the cryptocurrency began to rise - in just a month, from December 2017 to January 2018, the price rose by 14,000%. At this moment, the cryptocurrency showed its maximum value of 0.30 USD. Since January 2018, the TRX cryptocurrency began to fall, but from time to time the coin grows by 100-150%. The coin showed a good growth in 2019 - from the low of 2018, it grew by 250% to 0.04 USD. The second half of 2019 turned out to be unsuccessful for the cryptocurrency, in December the cost of one coin was 0.012 USD.
The first half of 2020 has been a turbulent one for TRX. At first, the coin rose by 100%, after which it collapsed heavily by 75% in March, amid news about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, subsequently, the cryptocurrency began to grow - the maximum price of 2020 was around 0.05 USD. In the first half of 2021, the TRON cryptocurrency continued its growth. The maximum price was 0.18 USD. The fall of the crypto market in May also affected TRX, which fell to 0.04 USD.
At the beginning of 2022, the price of the TRX coin is 0.07 USD. Now it closes the top thirty cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization - now it is almost $ 7 billion.


TRON Price Prediction
Of course, the value of the TRON cryptocurrency depends on whether the project develops and becomes more popular among users. Most analysts agree that TRON has good prospects - in the future, the platform has every chance of becoming one of the main blockchain networks for creating decentralized applications and NFTs.
If we talk about the possible value of the coin in 2022, then TRX has a growth potential of 350% to 0.30 USD. If Bitcoin exceeds the value of $100,000, the TRX price can break all-time highs and give up to 600% growth, investors should focus on the price of one coin at 0.45-0.50 USD.
In general, this cryptocurrency is characterized by large jumps in value, and investors can make very good money on this. The growth potential is about 300-600%. This is much higher than the potential of Bitcoin and Ethereum, so medium and long-term investments in TRX look very promising.

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