Dear clients, we do not accept assets with a high AML risk (above 60%), as well as assets from sanctioned exchanges (Garantex, Nobitex, etc.)

This agreement defines the terms of service electronic currency exchange services, crypto currency and money among themselves. Any user who accepted the agreement. Before using the Service, User agrees to read and fully accept the agreement. In case of disagreement or partial disagreement with the Agreement, the User has no right to use the services of service

Terms and Definitions

Service - a trademark «», which is the name for an item of electronic currency exchange Payeer, Advanced Cash USD, and Perfect Money, Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, ZeCash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and offers its services using a special software interface for all users.

User - is any natural person who uses the services of service "".

Electronic currency - a monetary obligation between the developer of the currency and its user, expressed digitally.

Payment - e-currency transfer from the payer to the recipient.

services - operations on input and output of electronic currencies, as well as other services, information on which is placed in the window of the Service.

Payment System - The hardware and software product developed by a third party and which is a mechanism for the implementation of accounting liabilities, as well as the organization of settlements between its users.


  1. Providing services

1.1. The service provides services to any user who has accepted the agreement on the exchange rates in accordance with the current tariffs, presented on the web page in the appropriate section.

1.2. The exchange operation is carried out in semi-automatic and manual modes. Operation of an exchange is considered completed from the moment of translation services specified in the application amount to the account of the User in the relevant payment system. All exchange transactions are irreversible since their completion.

1.3. The minimum amount of exchange available on the home page for each individual currency.

1.4. Service administration is not responsible and does not compensate fully or partially caused by incorrect use of the service as well as due to errors committed by the User when filling in forms of exchange, which can lead to the transfer of funds wrongly specified account or card number.

1.5 Service shall not be liable, provided the User violates the agreement between the User and the electronic payment systems supported by the Service.

1.6. The Service User acknowledges that the Service is only liable within the transmitted e-currency amount the User crypto currency or non-cash assets involved in the exchange operation.

1.7. The exchange rate for the application is fixed at the time of its creation. If the User did not pay for the application on time, and the application was closed by a timeout of 20 minutes, then such an application is considered invalid, and the rate of such an application - after the same 20 minutes - is not relevant. If such a situation occurs, the rate of the overdue application will be recalculated automatically, at the current rate of the service at the time of payment by the client. Also, the rate will be considered invalid and will be recalculated if the rate of the application you created differs from the weighted average rate on monitoring by more than 2% (see clause 3.23)

  1. Subject of the agreement

2.1. The subject of this agreement are services on the input and output of electronic currencies, as well as other services, which are described in the window of the Service.

2.2. Service offers its services to all users and does not check the legitimacy and legality of ownership of users of electronic currencies and / or financial resources, and does not supervise the operations of the User in any of the payment systems.

2.3. Payment systems and / or financial institutions are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them by the User. The service can not be a party in the agreement between the payment system and / or the financial institution and the User and not in any way liable for the misuse or unauthorized use of the Payment system user capacity, as well as abuse of functionality User Payment system. The mutual rights and obligations of the User and Payment System and / or a financial institution regulate

2.4. Service has the right to suspend or cancel the operations performed, if by authorized bodies received information about the incompetence of ownership to users of electronic currencies, or financial means and / or other information, making it impossible to provide services to users of the service.

2.5. Service has the right to suspend or cancel the operations performed, if the user violates the terms of this agreement.

2.6. Service has the right to cancel and return to perform operations made by users of electronic currency and / or financial resources without explanation.

2.7. User agrees to: - Eliminate any possible complicity in illegal trade and any other illegal operations with the use of the Service; - Eliminate any possible complicity in carrying out financial fraud, do not use the Service in order to create and disseminate the pyramids, as well as to commit acts contrary to the laws and regulations; - Exclude in their practice with the use of the Service any action, the implementation of which may cause direct or indirect harm to the fight against money laundering and legalization of funds obtained by illegal means;

2.8. Service is obliged to take all possible and reasonable action to prevent attempts of illicit trafficking, financial fraud and money laundering using the Service. These actions include, including: - To provide possible assistance to the law enforcement agencies in the search for and capture of terrorists who illegally launder money. - Provide the competent authorities in accordance with applicable securities laws, regarding the processing of the Service; - Improvement of the Service in order to prevent the direct or indirect use of the Service in activities contrary to the legislation aimed at combating illicit trafficking, financial fraud and money laundering.

2.9. Service has the right to modify at its discretion, the conditions of the Loyalty Program and the Partner Program.

  1. Terms of exchange operations and responsibilities of the parties

3.1. By using the Service, the User confirms the full legitimacy of their activities. User is responsible confirms that the origin of the e-currencies involved in the exchange of legal and not contrary to the domestic and international legislation. You agree that any attempt to exchange illicit funds, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

3.2. User warrants that it has all the legal rights to the use of accounts in payment systems, which come with money for payment requisites of Service.

3.3. Service administration reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service to any User without giving any reason.

3.4. In case of failure to complete the transfer of funds to the payee's bank account, the funds are returned to the sender minus the payment system commissions and other possible losses suffered by Service. 

3.5. If the user refuses making an exchange. The exchange service has the right to deduct a 3% commission of the received amount  that's specified in the application.

3.6. In the event of a failure in the exchange, the User is obliged to inform the Service support team within 5 calendar days by any of the convenient ways of user. The user also undertakes to inform the details of the operation carried out by the exchange for the early resolution of the problem.

3.7. Service is not responsible for the risk of holding funds Members. If the user is not informed within five calendar days on the arisen failure and not completed exchange, the exchange is considered completed, the funds transferred to the Service, the User will not be returned and are considered to be free of using the Service.

3.8. Service administration reserves the right to permanently hold the funds transferred to it from the User attempted DDos- or any other types of attacks to the server, as well as any attempt to hack the scripts on this site.

3.9. Service shall not be liable for any loss or damage (loss), which may be caused by the user, if they are the result of the delay or inability to implementing electronic transfers Account.

3.10. Service is not responsible for any failure of the User to get in touch with the Service.

3.11. Service is not responsible to the User for any delay or non-fulfillment of its obligations under the provisions of this Agreement, if any, are the result of force majeure, entailed objective impossibility of performance of obligations.

3.12. Service administration reserves the right to block the exchange operations, if the user attempts to change the purpose of the payment in order to conceal the account (wallet) on which the money will be transferred by the exchange operation.

3.13. In order to prevent the involvement of the Service in the fraudulent activities of the Service Administration reserves the right to request from the User documents confirming possession of account / card. These documents include: passport photo, a photo of a credit card on the front side, as well as to request a photo person making the exchange operation, keep your passport and bank card in the hands. If the user makes a payment, but is obliged to provide the Service on demand for the required proof of legality of operations carried out by them.

3.14. All information received by the User in the course of the exchange transaction is confidential and is not disclosed to third parties, except in the following situations:

- At the request of law enforcement agencies;
- By the tribunal's decision;
- at the request of the administration of one of the payment systems, the exchange used by the service or the monitoring administration

3.15. The service provides its services on an "as is" as they are described on the pages of the Service, and does not offer any additional warranty.

3.16. Service guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to the User only within the amounts entrusted to users of the service to carry out the operation.

3.17. Service will make every effort, but does not guarantee that its services will be available round the clock and every day. Service shall not be liable for damages, lost profits and other costs of the User resulting from inability to gain access to the site and the services of the Service.

3.18. In the event that our service, as well as the nearest exchange services on, experienced a malfunction and the rate differs from the market rate, as well as the weighted average rate by more than 2%. This operation is considered invalid and the user will be refunded, minus the commission of the payment system.

3.19. Service does not prohibit exchanges on account of 3 persons, but it is not highly recommended for such operations. We are not responsible for the actions of these people after we have received from our exchange service. Carry out operations only with purses and accounts, which have full access.

3.20. User guarantees compensation of losses of the Service (the management company, managers and employees) Where an action or claim, directly or indirectly related to the use of the Service by the User, except for damages caused by the guilty (intentional or careless) activities of the Service.

3.21 Transfer of funds by residents to cards / accounts of non-residents is prohibited by Ukrainian legislation

3.22. The service fixes the course only after the creation of the application. On the page "Thank you for the application."  The service has the right to change the course every second, up to the creation of the application by the client.

3.23 If the rate of the application created by you differs from the weighted average rate on monitoring by more than 2%, we have the right to recalculate or cancel your application by making a refund. Even if the rate changed when the order was already created. Since such a difference can only arise due to errors in exporting rates, failure of parsers of other exchange offices, a collapse or growth of the currency and cryptocurrency market, and other unforeseen technical reasons. In this case, the commission spent on the return of funds is paid by the client, since this situation is regarded as an attempt to take advantage of a vulnerability in the service or take advantage of a failure in the service.

3.24 The Service has the right to hold the user's funds (up to 7 days or more until the issue with the transaction or payment is resolved). Withholding of funds is carried out in case of detection of criminal or fraudulent transactions, using AML checks, as well as statements to the police, requests from exchanges, other exchange offices from Bestchange monitoring and payment systems.

4.Settlement of Disputes

4.1. Disputes and differences arising within the framework of the provision of services to users of the Service, are resolved through correspondence with the Service User administration

4.2. In some cases, differences can be resolved with the participation of the administration of one of payment systems.

4.3. In case of failure to resolve emerging issues through correspondence, the dispute is resolved in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on the location of the Service Administration.

5. Notification of e-currency exchange risks.

5.1. Trade bitcoin on the difference in prices, as well as other investment products in global financial markets, has largely speculative purpose and accompanied by the risk arises from the possibility of intense price fluctuations on bitcoin, that can work in your favor or against you, lead to large losses , and vice versa. User understands and acknowledges that the operations associated with the crypto currency risk.

5.2. Service is trying to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of the work site, while at the same time, can not guarantee 100% trouble-free operation, including the reasons:

- Exceeding the permissible load on the server;
- Technical work and prevention;
- DDOS-attack;
- Problems on the side of the Data Center;
- Other objective reasons.

Thus, the user assumes the risks of financial losses (loss), or not to make a profit because of the failure of information, communication, electronic and other systems of communication and data transfer, as well as the temporary unavailability of the Service.

5.3. The user assumes the risk of any financial losses (loss) caused by the fact that he has not received or received with delay any communication from the Service.

5.4. User acknowledges that information sent by e-mail in plain text, is not protected from unauthorized access.

5.5. The user is solely responsible for compliance with the confidentiality of the information received from the Service, and assumes the risk of any financial losses (loss) caused by unauthorized access of third parties to his account.

5.6. The procedure described in this section, the information does not allow to characterize all risks associated with the exchange of crypto currencies. Users need to understand the nature and essence of the trade marks crypto and its inherent risks. Users should not perform trading operations as long as they do not understand and do not determine the level of specific risk.

5.7. Special conditions of some Payment Systems:

- Bank payments are processed by the Service within 24 hours;

- Perfect Money can delay transfers for more than 24 hours.  If the service incurs losses due to a delay in payment, the service has the right to recalculate the application at the rate at the time of receipt of funds;

- If the Application using Crypto-Currency (Bitcoin, and others) is completed, no refunds are possible;

- If the amount of cryptocurrency sent by the User (Bitcoin, and others) is less than 0.0020 or equivalent, the money will not be returned back. Because will be regarded as an attempt at fraud and causing material damage to the service;

- In the Payeer payment system, when sending and receiving, it pays 0.95% commission. The commission is charged by the payment system itself;- In the Advonced Cash payment system, when sending and receiving, it pays 1% commission. The commission is charged by the payment system itself;

- The Service has the right to refuse the exchange, if the Customer created the application using VPN and other means of hiding the real IP address. In the directions where the service accepts bank payments.

5.8. The service does not render services on the territory of the list of countries and does not serve tax residents of these countries, wherever they are: USA, Canada, Australia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia , Oman, Yemen, Palestine, Eritrea, Libya, Liberia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Somalia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, Cook Islands, North Korea

5.9 Rate arbitrage and attempts to inflict losses on the service. If the client creates a large number of applications, fixing the amount of the exchange, and catches the rate better than on other sites, at the same time, he does not pay for most of the created exchanges. We will be forced to suspend your paid applications and return the funds to the details specified in the application, taking into account the commission of the payment system. Refunds will be made within 24 hours in this case. The service also has the right to stop the payment of any application, which will be regarded as "arbitrage", and provide any user in the services who is suspected of such actions.
This is due to the fact that you load the system idle, when creating an application, you reserve our reserves for a while, thereby causing us financial damage.

5.10 Policy for checking cryptocurrencies for the purity and legitimacy of the cryptocurrency paid by the client (AML). Cryptocurrencies on our site are accepted by the exchange, and each transaction is verified and AML verification of your transaction is carried out. With a high percentage of risk (more than 70%). Your transaction will be frozen until the source of your funds is determined by the AML department of the exchange, for up to 7 days. Subsequently, the funds will be returned to your wallet, with the commission covered by the client. If the exchange detects transactions related to requests from law enforcement agencies, the cryptocurrency may be frozen for a longer period until all circumstances are revealed. The service also has the right to conduct KYC and verify the client's identity, the client will need to provide account statements and identification documents. The list of documents may differ from a specific case. Each case is considered separately with the participation of the AML department of the exchange and BestChange monitoring. see points 2.7, 2.8, 3.13, 3.14, 3.24

  1. Cost of services

6.1. Tariffs determined by the leadership of the Service and shall be published on the Service website. Service Management Service has the right to change the rates without prior notice.

6.2. In addition to the established rates, the user will also reimburse any additional costs for postage, telephone, fax, etc., Have arisen in the course of business relations with the Service.

  1. Taxation

7.1. Service is not a tax agent for the user and will not notify the user about its tax costs. The user undertakes to pay all taxes required under the tax legislation of his place of residence.

7.2. If the authorities of the Service requires payment of taxes User or cover debts resulting from failure to pay taxes the User, the User agrees to indemnify the Service any data charges.

  1. Force majeure

8.1. Neither the User nor the Service will not be responsible to one another for delay or failure to perform its obligations resulting from the occurrence of force majeure, including natural disasters, fire, flood, acts of terrorism, regime change, civil unrest, and not functioning of Payment systems, power systems, communication networks and providers of Internet services.

8.2 The Service has the right to cancel any application created by the client before the time specified for payment in the application, in the event of a "force majeure" caused by unforeseen circumstances such as: the inoperability of payment systems, the inoperability of the service servers, power outages, weather and natural disasters, and other reasons that cause difficulties in verifying the payment received from the client and subsequently creating difficulties in the payment of the client's order by the service.

  1. Final provisions

9.1. All information contained on the Service's website is protected by copyright and related rights. Use of any information from the website of the Service must be agreed with the administration.

9.2. This Agreement may be amended in advance of the Service at any time without prior notice to the User.

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