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Website rules

For сommission of exchange transactions on our website you need follow the rules specified below:

1. Choose direction exchange, enter the amount, after click the button "Exchange".

2. Next step is filling requisits in exchanging form. Please check the correctness of the details in all the fields.

In case not following the rules of filling requisits(field) service reserves the right to refuse in exchange and return paid by user money with deduction all comissions for operations. If user demand return money, service also reserves the right to return money with deduction all comissions for operations. 

Also check amounts, which will specify with the comission.

Be sure, read safety conditions and agreements, after check your consent with conditions.

3. Then click "Exchange", and you will see your request for an exchange on the page of requisits and entered amount check. If on this step exchanging you notice mistake in reqisits or amount - return to previous website page and correct the mistake. If all right, click the button "All right, exchange".

4. Request always formes with curent rate If request didn't pay in 20 minutes, service reserves the right to close the request. And you will need open a new request, with current at that moment rates.

We want to draw Your attention, reserve requests assigned to you exactly 20 minutes and payment must be made in this period. In case if payment will made after this period, according to the rules of our service exchange can be cancel with return payment with deduction all commisions, or made according the rate at the time of payment, if the rate has changed.

!!! I want to emphasize that the completion of Our Bank cards via POS terminals, cashier of the Bank, sites like Purse or transactions from third parties is PROHIBITED !!! ( Otherwise, the funds You transferred so exchanged and are non-refundable )

5. Check speccified email, there will send operation code and link on status of the operation.

6. After this depending on the direction of exchange you either will forwarding to merchant of payment system for automatic and semi-automatic exchange payment, or get requisits, for exchange for manual exchange direction.

7. You get claimed amount to your account after receipt of the payment. Usually it take from 3 to 30 minutes in working time. In rarely cases exchange can take up to 24 hours because of some technical or emergency problems.

8. After exchange end, message about successfull operation will be send to your email.

9. Bitcoin exchange operations take place only after getting of 1 system proofs.

11. With a long wait for confirmation from the network Bitcoin (1 hours or more). This happens if the user indicates an insufficient commission, to get the transaction to the block and receive at least one confirmation. Our service has the right to recalculate the amount of receipt, at the rate at the time of receipt of the 1st confirmation from the network bitcoin. And make a payment already with the recalculated amount.

Dear users, indicate a good commission in "satoshi" when sending us Bitcoin. Let's save your and our nerves.

For fasters exchange, please specify recomendated comission in BITCOIN system! Othewise the exchange transaction can be delayed for a long time of 7 days or will be cancel, and your IP adress may be in black list of our service!

12. Any exchange transactions can be pause for additional checks of Security Service our service or the Banks payment system.

13. In the direction of Privat24 on "any available direction", after receiving a payment from you. You can be contacted by an operator and carry out an identity check (be ready to answer the call) And also indicate the real Ukrainian phone number attached to your "privat24". In some cases it will be necessary to provide a receipt sent from Privat24 directly to our mail And also if you suspect fraud, you will have to provide a scanned copy or a photo of the first page of your passport, and a photo of you with the face of the card in your hand. If you do not agree to provide documents to verify the identity and reliability of payment. A refund will be made minus the commission of the bank (if the name of the "sender" matches the name of the card holder when checking the card indicated in the application), in the event of a mismatch between the sender's name and the name of the "card holder" specified in the application, the payment will be returned with the help of the security service "Privat Bank".

14. If you exchange in the direction of Privat24 for "any available direction", and your IP address is not Ukrainian, or is dynamic (VPN, Ukrtelecom, etc.), we have the right to ask you to provide scanned copies or photo documents to verify your identity And also the receipt of the payment made by you. In case of refusal, a refund will be made minus the commission of the bank (if the name of the "sender" matches the name of the card holder when checking the card specified in the application), in case of a mismatch between the sender's name and the name of the "card holder" indicated in the application, the payment will be refunded from using the security service of "Privat Bank".

15. Due to the increased number of scams in the directions related to give:Privat24, we conduct verification of the client and the payment card. The procedure is fast, convenient and one-time, in subsequent applications with the participation of your verified payment card verification will not be required. For new customers and customers who have changed the card number of "Privat" pass verification on our website is a mandatory procedure. If you made an exchange with us before this innovation and use the same card, identification will not be required

Attention! Our service nowhere place our requisits. Exchange take place only on website and only according the rules above. BEWARE OF SCAMS.

Remember! It's very simple to identify a scammer: he will offer incredible happiness in very short time.

Work schedule: 9:00 - 00:00 Kyiv time. If operator is in offline, manual and semi-automatic exchanges will end after resume.

haven'n answer in the article, you can contact in our Online Chat, and our operators with pleasure will help you!!!

Sincerely Your team