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We want warn to advance you that we never ask you exchange money through social networks or phone. Exchanging operation take place only on our site

1. Be carefull during filling fields "Account number" and "Full Name" of addressee. If you mistake, you will can lose your money forever.

2. If you offer to do the transfer funds to your friends, relatives, under the pretext of a loan, and so on, using social networks, Skype or call from unknown phone number, make sure that it is the right person whom you know, contact with him, and better offer to meet in person and discuss all. If for some reason you can't contact with this person, it would be better if you ignore this request for avoid becoming a victim of fraud

3. Please don't communicate with 3rd parties, the validity of Your card and CVV-code. Bank, only in rare cases, calling the first, and never ask CVV-code of your card, email and Online Banking passwords. Don't dictate to any third person "secret codes" coming in SMS on your phone attached to your bank card.

4. Discard of funds through your accounts, owners which you don't know. In bad case you can become partner in crime, which may entail criminal proceedings

5. Also check with operator in online chat about one or other information sent from our service to you on email. Maybe we don't send anything to you, and on our behalf you wrote scammer for profit.

6. We never provide loans, don't get exchanged money, don't get money in cash, don't ask money user in debt or at interest and don't accept donations or gifts. Exchanges take place only on our website

7. Service don't forbid to accounts of third persons, but don't recomend holding of this operations. This operations not safity and often using by scammings.

8. Don't tell anybody and don't pass your digital purses passwords and logins. It can lead to tragic consequences and lose money.

9. Change periodically your digital purses passwords. And store your secrets in remote places, preferably not on PC and ypur phone notes.

10. Check presence of SSL certificates, on services or websites when using interner. Check also who issued it, it can be generated on website owner server. Websites without SSL certificate don't protect encrypt received or transmitted data by you. To see our SSL certificate and check its reability you can on our website Main Page, clicking button with green lock and inscription "Checked and Protected". Also there are a lot resourses scaning website and showing evaluation(?) website SSL protection in internet. We have A+

11. Repeat for consolidate. We don't exchange through social networks, Skype, phone, email and other messengers. Exchange take place only on our website!

Remember! It's very simple to identify a scammer: he will offer incredible happiness in very short time.

Sincerely Your team =)