Dear clients, we do not accept assets with a high AML risk (above 60%), as well as assets from sanctioned exchanges (Garantex, Nobitex, etc.)

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Please note that this method of payment does not allow you to pay a total of more than 250,000 UAH per calendar month.

Also please note that for successful payment on Your card must be set a valid Internet limit (online payment)!!!

!!!When paying with credit funds, Your Bank charges a Commission according to its rates !!!

Attention!!! Payment is accepted only from Yandex e-wallet to Yandex e-wallet !!!

Payment with Yandex cards is forbidden !!!

Dear customers, if in the application you specify the card Privat "for Payments" then your card will receive an amount of 0.5% less than the amount specified in the application.

You can perform no more than 5 operations per day on one card!!! and also for an amount not exceeding 250 thousand per month

Attention! The transfer is made by an interbank transfer and funds can be credited to your account within a few seconds up to 5 working days!

Please note that you can only get 100$ (or the equivalent in any currency) for an unverified ADV wallet

Attention: Sending to contract addresses is not carried out. Otherwise, a refund will be made, minus the commission of the payment system and the commission of unsuccessful sending to your contract address.

Attention!!! Payment is not made to anonymous YuMoney wallets. otherwise, your wallet will not be able to accept funds. Refunds will be made according to the rules of our service

And also note that the amount received will be divided into payments of 14500 each (maximum) from the Qiwi bank

Important!!! It is forbidden to specify an anonymous Qiwi wallet.

We will not be able to send funds to such a wallet!!!

The exchange direction you have chosen is currently unavailable

Crypto exchanger #1

By choosing a crypto exchanger, the user is interested in providing a vast ecosystem of wallets. The system interface must have a convertible cryptocurrency, with the ability to quickly conduct a transaction. Taking into account the allowed commission and accrued bonuses for each trade. A buying and selling site has the following advantages:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange is possible without registering on the site;
  • The history of all transactions is available in your personal account;
  • Most of the transactions can be performed without bank fees.

Directions of cryptocurrency exchange for 7MONEY

The exchange office offers only liquid rates. When choosing a direction, pay-currency attention to the currency reserve. This is the amount of the allowed offer for the current trading day at the best rate on the network. The online cryptocurrency exchanger provides pairs based on the following parameters:

  • Rate liquidity - dynamic supply and demand for ongoing transactions;
  • Relevance of the direction - all the most popular coins are present;

We are constantly adding new cryptocurrency pairs to the service - we recommend that you bookmark the site and follow the updates, it will also help you enter it with a single click.

7Money is the # 1 service for buying and selling cryptocurrency

Our crypto exchanger stands out among many others with such advantages:
  • Automatic exchange. All transactions are carried out automatically - the influence of the human factor is excluded, the system instantly considers and processes applications.
  • Prompt customer support. Between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. we are ready to help in online chat for any questions related to the use of the service.
  • Payment security. Our site uses an SSL certificate, which guarantees protection against interception of any data by Internet hackers, your data is reliably protected and completely confidential. More details about the security of exchanging cryptocurrency at 7MONEY - follow the link .
  • Favorable exchange rates. Each destination page displays the current course in the upper right corner. Updates are made every minute.
  • Loyalty program. Registered users get access to a unique loyalty system - the cost of each subsequent transaction will be reduced for the site user.

At any time, you can check the status of the transaction - just enter the number in the appropriate field and you will receive the necessary information up to date. To read reviews about the 7Money online exchanger - here .

Affiliate program - earn on exchanges of other users

If you want to receive additional income, you can configure the referral program option in your personal account. You can receive income from the exchange rate exchange of the attracted participants. The income of each transaction can be up to 25% of the commission amount. The offer is valid for an unlimited period. Even without investing in an asset, you can earn significant funds only from attracting other users.

Working time: 9:00 to 00:00 timezone (UTC+2).

And at the moment our operators sleep and see sweet dreams:)
You can request, and as soon as the working day we will process!!!